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Teaching Courses

An increasingly popular career choice, teaching is enjoying a resurgence of interest as following or even, a calling.

Teaching is becoming the number one goal for a growing number of people looking for satisfaction at work and job security along the career highway.

The TDAS, Training Development Agency for Schools has reported that since the winds of change that shook the entire economy 2009/2010, enquiries into ways and means of adopting into teaching have risen some 30%.

It is also reported that on completion of their training course, such is the demand that 9 out of 10 teachers are in employment within 6 months.

Not everyone is cut out for teaching, energy, both physical and mental, and patience are virtues that are almost prerequisite for the role, but in black and white terms what is a basic necessity are GCSE’s in English, maths and a science subject.

Teacher training is available in several different forms all of which are within the three routes to teaching, employment based teacher training, undergraduate teacher training and postgraduate teacher training.

The undergraduate route is a three or four year course for a Bachelor of Education qualification, combining a degree with initial teacher training. It requires a minimum of two A level subjects and is a popular route for many primary school teachers. Find out what teacher training courses are available, search for providers of the best quality education.

A BA or BSc with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is another possible route for undergraduates, covering initial teacher training and studying for a degree and takes three to four years full-time or four to six years part-time.

A PGCE is a postgraduate certificate in education and is a one year full-time course that concentrates on the skill and art of teaching rather than the subject you envisage teaching.

As a trainee a tax-free bursary is available, the scale of which is determined by the subject to be taught. The course will include a minimum of eighteen weeks real time teaching experience actually in schools, with twelve weeks of tutorials and seminars.

For postgraduates already in employment and looking for a career change the Graduate Teacher Programme is a popular option. Salary starts as soon as you begin training, which usually is a one school year course.

The Registered Teacher Programme is a similar course, but for non-graduates and covers a two year span.

Once the Teacher Training course has been completed you begin a one year induction as a newly qualified teacher on a salary which will start at over £20.000 and progress depending on circumstances.

Teaching also will put you on the public sector pensions scheme and its associated benefits.